The Science of Touch

To create truly powerful experiences in the virtual world, our team of world-leading haptics researchers delved deep into the physics and biology of how humans touch and feel in the natural world. This led to the development of our unique and proprietary touch technology that mimics nature – our Dynamic Tactile Wave™ – based on 15 years of research and development. It mirrors human biology, in that it closely recreates how we humans perceive the presence of objects and their surface characteristics when interacting with them in the real world.

The Magic of Sensors and Electro-Mechanics

Once we had perfected the reproduction of sensory elements, we added a number of other technologies to our Tactile Wave: software, sensors, actuators, and some other elements that just need to remain a mystery.

Independent Tracking

The lack of accurate tracking has hamstrung the emergence of VR generally but we have seen mature heading and positioning technologies emerge in recent months. Tactai Touch™ adds the missing element of tracking your hands and fingers at high resolutions to achieve fine-grained control of virtual objects. This revolutionary technology allows you to feel fine details in the virtual world and to replace the legacy buttons-based controllers by allowing users to interact directly and naturally with virtual objects.