The Tactai Touch™ Developers Kit is now in limited release to select VR/AR application developers. General availability will be announced shortly but please sign up for our waiting list so you do not miss out on our first large scale production run expected in Q1 2017.

1 unit: Tactai Touch™ Controller – our wearable device with legacy buttons and joystick for backward compatibility. Choice of Left or Right index finger mount

1 unit: Tactai Touch™ Wearable – our device without legacy controller buttons

1 unit: Downloadable Tactai Touch™ Plugin and license for use with one instance of Unity

1 unit: Tactai HOPs™ SDK – Limited Edition License, our standard library of common surface textures used for most control interactions and basic touch experiences*

* Note: our full featured Tactai HOPs™ SDK – Professional Edition is available separately and includes a more comprehensive library of surface textures and an ability to add custom surface textures (which is not supported in the Limited Edition). * Note: our Touch Screen technology is available only to our OEM/ODM partners and is not included in this developers kit which is limited to our VR/AR applications.


Note: This list is NOT first-come-first-served. Most fields are required. The more you tell us about yourself and your application, the more likely we are to prioritize your request. ,


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